WORLD’s FIRST ELECTRIC hybrid AWD Honda Civic Type R FK8 with 450hp!

SEMA always showcases some of the latest tech in the car world, and for 2018, our pick of the bunch of the Orbis ring gear wheel conversion.

These independent DC motors allows you to add up to 75hp per wheel (direct drive!), with no drive train loss, no transfer case, no differential, no driveshafts, and a multitude of other advantages such as improved braking performance, regenerative braking and battery charging, improved performance, improved fuel economy and very few negatives.

Please note that while this vehicle has been tested with 75hp motors and they are even available up to 100hp, we discuss the version fitted to this particular Type-R which is running the 50hp model (when overdriven at 144V using Prius batteries instead of the 114V batteries as used in this demo car).

We take an in depth chat with Marcus Hays from Orbis who runs us through the entire system.

Being that this is a direct drive system to the hubs, even with the lower end 2x50hp motors, it would be somewhere equivalent to a 450hp Civic type R, with not only added traction, but no additional strain on the factory drive train, or additional drivetrain loss.

We can’t wait to see this hit the market. Might be the next mod on our Hyundai i30N 😀

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